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Ground Penetrating Radar System


Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS)

The Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS) is an automated radar based system for non-destructive inspection of highway and bridge deck pavement solving the problem of radar data interpretation and ease of use.

The IRIS consists of ground penetrating radar technology, ACPRO data acquisition/processing system, and IRIS Software for Windows, all integrated into a highly automated, turn-key inspection system that requires little knowledge of radar signal interpretation to operate effectively.

Ground Penetrating Radar System

Designed for use at highway speeds of 60 MPH (100KM/H) the IRIS �sees� through asphalt and concrete pavement, and bridge deck structures, automatically acquiring and storing digitized radar data on hard disk for subsequent processing and display.

Signal processing is automatic requiring limited user input and provides hardcopy data output mappings of bridge deck deterioration and pavement thickness profiles.

The IRIS utilizes antennas and can be installed with up to four antennas in an array for maximum pavement inspection coverage. A complete IRIS system consists of the following components:

  • Model PS-24 Ground Penetrating radar, installed with up to four Antennas

  • ACPRO Model PS-AP3 Data Acquisition and Processing System

  • IRIS Software for Windows

  • Full touchscreen interface for GPR control

  • Uses include the non-destructive evaluation and testing of bridge deck and highway pavement, detection of delamination in bridge deck concrete, pavement layer thickness measurement, pavement moisture accumulation and voids beneath rigid highway pavement.

  • GPS Compatible

    Ground Penetrating Radar System


  • Complete, integrated and automatic, radar/data acquisition/data processing system for bridge deck and highway pavement inspection applications.

  • Installed with up to four radars and antennas.

  • Advanced Windows based Data Acquisition and Processing software providing quantitative output in graphic and numerical format.

  • Rugged, design for vehicular installation.

    Integrated Radar Inspection System Version P (IRIS Version P)

    The Portable Integrated Radar Inspection System - IRIS Version P is a self contained, low cost single antenna ground penetrating radar system designed for applications requiring field portability.

    The IRIS-P includes a digital GPR control unit and real-time data acquistion/processing system with high intensity 12 Inch SVGA data display, touch screen control and internal hard disk storage.

    This system was designed to operate with all of antennas and IRIS software. Standard features of the IRIS-P include DMI input for distance tagging, USB data ports for data download and connection of peripherials, GPS port and IRIS Software (Lite Version).

    This system is ideal for man-portable applications and low speed pavement inspection.

    Ground Penetrating Radar System


  • Complete Integrated Radar Inspection System - Includes GPR, Data Acquisition/Processing Computer and Software
  • Built-in high intensity (sunlight readable) SVGA Display, touch screen control and internal hard disk data storage
  • Low Cost and Easy to Use
  • Rugged Design for Man-Portable Use in the Field or Low Speed Vehicular Installation
  • Digital GPR Control Unit with Interchangeable Antenna and Transceiver


    Available is a complete and comprehensive line of air-coupled and groundcoupled antennas covering various resolution and depth ranges for pavement and bridge deck inspection applications, geotechnical and site surveys.

    Air Coupled (Non-Contacting) Antennas

    These antennas exhibits ultra wide band performance and very low VSWR, with minimal distortion throughout the bandwidth of the applied signal.

    Its narrow beamwidth and high directivity minimize interfering clutter sources.

    These antennas are optimized for applied signals within the range the range of 0.75 ns to 2.5 ns and are available in both monostatic and bistatic configurations.

    Transceiver units are interchangeable depending on desired pulse width.

    The air-coupled antennas are constructed of low dielectric material with a hard plastic outer covering for durability and high speed (60MPH/100km/hr) operation. When ordering specify antenna and transceiver pulse width.

    Ground Penetrating Radar System

    Ground Penetrating Radar System Ground Penetrating Radar System
    Ground Penetrating Radar System

    Ground Coupled (Contacting) Antennas

    The 2 nanosecond (500MHz) Model 501B, 2.5 nanosecond (400MHz) Model 401B and 3 nanosecond (300MHz) Model 301B are mid-frequency and low frequency contacting-type ground penetrating radar antennas with penetration depths of approximately 6 feet (2 meters) and 10 feet (3 meters), respectively.

    These antennas are optimized for ground coupled operation and can be pulled manually and towed by vehicle. The Model 401B/501B can also be suspended from a vehicle in close proximity to the ground and when properly installed can be operated at speeds up to 35MPH (55km/hr). These antennas are a shielded, broadband dipole design that optimize bandwidth and minimize distortion resulting in superior subsurface detection capability.

    Applications for these antennas include detection of deep pavement layers, subsurface pipe and utility detection, geotechnical applications including detection of buried drums and for general site surveys.

    The 501B/401B/301B antennas are housed in a rugged plastic enclosure for maximum durability and incorporate removeable wheels for high mobility.

    These antennas are compatible with all our GPR systems and software.

    Hand Held (Contacting) Antennas

    The Model 1001B and Model 2001B are shielded, hand-held contacting type antennas used for near range (shallow depth) inspections.

    These antennas emit 1ns (1001B) and 0.75ns (2001B) monocycle pulses at high PRF. This family of antennas are optimized for near range and high resolution with maximum depth range of 1m (1001B) and 60cm (2001B).
    The 1001B/2001B antennas are housed in a light weight aluminum enclosure. Typical applications include rebar location and rebar depth measurement, void location and thickness measurement.

    For remote inspection an optional telescoping handle is available.

    Power Subsystems

    Four AC Power (ACP) Subsystems are available for use with the IRIS GPR system supplying 110/220 VAC 60/50Hz and/or DC power to the system components.

    The ACP units are all solid state, DC/AC inverter based system with an output power of 2500, 1500 or 750 watts.


    Model ACP2500 AC Power Subsystem

    The ACP2500 (PS-24-ACP2500) is a 2500 watt output AC power subsystem. The ACP 2500 was designed for vehicular installation and powered by auxiliary storage batteries in combination with the vehicle alternator.

    This unit consist of two components:

    The PS-24IPU Inverter Power Unit, and the PS-24 ICU Inverter Control Unit.

    The Inverter Power Unit, is a self contained rack unit, housing the inverter and high current power busses with forced outside air ventilation to cool the internal components. All power cables are housed in waterproof, metallic electrical conduit in accordance with the US National Electric Code (NEC).

    The Inverter Control Unit provides input/output power controls, inverter and battery status indicators, and circuit breaker protection for all AC and DC circuits. .

    All ACP units comply with U.S. National Electric Code standards for safety. The ACP2500 is recommended for use with the IRIS, IRIS-L or vehicular systems with larger AC power requirements. Specify output voltage and frequency.

    The ACP2500 power subsystems include:
    (1) PS-24ICU Inverter Control Unit
    (1) PS-24ICU Inverter Control Unit
    All interconnect wiring, electrical conduit and auxiliary storage batteries.


    CP1500/750 AC Power Subsystem

    The ACP 1500 (PS-24-ACP1500) and ACP750 (PS-24-ACP750) are lower cost AC power subsystems, delivering 1500 and 750 watts of power, designed for both portable and vehicular use.

    ACP-PPU Portable Power Unit

    They are contained in a transportable standalone unit that includes an internal storage battery and all necessary front panel input/output power controls, inverter and battery status indicators and circuit breakers.

    The ACP1500/750 can also be connected to a vehicle battery for continuous system operation.

    The ACP 300
    (PS-24-ACP300) is a 300 watt, low cost power supply for use only in vehicle systems, and is normally conncted to a vehicle battery for operation.

    The ACP-PPU
    The ACP-PPU is a low cost power source for the IRIS-P which provides both autonomous AC and DC power. The mobile ACP-PPU can be taken into the field and will operate with the IRIS-P for up to two continuous hours between internal battery recharge. The IRIS-P installs directly onto the ACPPPU GPR Accessories

    Installation Accessories Radar Mounting/Storage Structure (PS-24-RMS/RSS)

    Radar Mounting Structure 1 (PS-24-RMS) for external installation of up to 4 air-coupled antennas on front or rear of vehicle, permitting 12 inch (30 cm) variable height and transverse spacing of GPR�s with maximum span of 84in/210cm (144in/365cm optional). Installation is manual requiring approximately 2-3 minutes per radar antenna. Designed for full size Ford and GM vans.

    Radar Mounting Structure PS-24-RMS includes the following:

    (1) Radar Mounting Rail PS-24-RMS-RAIL

    (1) Vertical Extension Mount PS-24-RMS-TSK

    Note: One (1) PS-24-RMS-TSK required for each radar antenna installed

    Internal Radar Storage Structure (PS-24-RSS) for up to 4 aircoupled antennas. Metal mounting structure is fastened to floor inside vehicle where antennas are stored when not in use or during transport.

    1. Note: Radar Mounting Structure fits Ford & GM vehicle without modification. Additional customer supplied hardware may be necessary for other vehicles.

    Automatic Radar Deployment Device (PS-24-ARDD)

    Automatic mechanism for deployment of 1 - 4 air-coupled radar antennas on rear of inspection vehicle. When deployed, the motorized fiberglass structure extends antennas out of the rear of the vehicle automatically without manual setup. For storage, the structure and radars retracts into the cargo section of the IRIS radar vehicle.

    Deployment takes two minutes and is initiated by the operator from within the vehicle. PS-24-ARDD requires minibus vehicle installation.

    Radar Transport Cart (PS-24-RTC)

    ACP-PPU Portable Power Unit

    Used for manual operation of IRIS-L and IRIS-P systems. The Radar Transport Cart carries one model 30AGC antenna and incorporates the IRIS high resolution DMI for distance measurement and logging.

    Remote Monitor and Keyboard (PS-24-RMK)

    Used in vehicle GPR installations and includes a 15 inch SVGA TFT color computer monitor and keyboard permitting one-person operation of IRIS equipment from front seat of vehicle.

    Remote Processing Station (PS-24-RPS)
    The PS-24-RPS is a remote station for processing IRIS GPR data in the office and includes a notebook computer, copy of IRIS Software for Windows (RDP and RDD software) and additional user license.

    Antenna Setup Box (PS-24-BOX1)
    This unit is used for easy setup of radar controls when interchanging antennas.

    Antenna Cables
    Extension and replacement cables are available for portable and vehicle baed GPR installations.

    Main Cable (25ft/7.6m) PS-24-CH-25

    Radar Control Unit to Antenna Cable, 25ft/7.6m

    Main Cable Extension (25ft/7.6m) PS-24-CH-25EXT-B

    Radar to Bulkhead Cable, 25ft/7.6m - for vehicle installations

    Main Cable Extension (25ft/7.6m) PS-24-CH-25EXT-S 25 ft/7.6m Extension Cable for Ground Coupled Antennas and Remote Inspections

    Main Cable Extension (10ft/3m) PS-24-CH-10EXT 10 ft/3m Extension Cable Connecting PS-24-CH-25EXT-B or S to Radar Antenna

    IRIS GPR Vehicles for Highway Inspection
     IRIS Minibus Vehicle
    The IRIS Vehicle is a turn-key solution to GPR highway inspection that incorporates ground penetrating radar, data acquisition hardware and software into a highway speed vehicular inspection system. Several configurations are offered which address specific application, performance and budgetary requirements.

    Standard IRIS Vehicle

    The Standard IRIS Vehicle is built on a full size one-ton Ford or GM van and can support up to four antennas. In addition to factory installed equipment the Standard IRIS Vehicle is outfitted with a 72 inch (183cm) roof extension and additional auxiliary air conditioning and heating. The interior walls and ceiling are covered with a �Formica� style high pressure laminate plastic (HPL) for laboratory functionality and appearance. A non-conductive, antistatic vinyl floor, three captains chairs and dual high intensity strobe safety lights are also included. A fully functional operator�s control console is provided and also includes an HPL covered desk and storage cabinets.

    The 2500Watt AC Inverter Power Subsystem (PS-24-ACP2500) is standard equipment with this vehicle. With the optional Remote Monitor and Keyboard (PS-24-RMK), the IRIS vehicle and GPR equipment can be operated by one person. Also available as an option on the standard IRIS vehicle is a multi-camera high resolution video system and/or Infrared Thermographic camera for pavement surface inspection.

    Basic IRIS Vehicle

    The Basic IRIS Vehicle is a low cost GPR vehicle that is fully equipped for high speed pavement and bridge deck inspection. This system uses a full size Ford/GM Van and up to three GPR�s can be installed.

    The system maintains all the standard IRIS vehicle functionality but to reduce cost, many of the extra features found in the other IRIS vehicles have been eliminated. The Basic IRIS vehicle includes the installation of the IRIS system of choice, and all interior furnishings, such as fabric covered interior walls and ceilings, vinyl tile floor and standard seats. The PS-24-RMS/RSS Radar Mounting/ Storage Structure, and a1500 Watt AC Power Subsystem PS-24-ACP1500 are included with this vehicle.

    Special GPR Vehicles IRIS Minibus

    Specially configured GPR vehicles are available and include the IRIS-Minibus, installed with four radars for high speed, one-pass inspection of bridges and pavements. The IRIS-Minibus is similar to the Standard IRIS Vehicle but built on a larger Ford minibus chassis and includes front and rear control areas and seating for multiple passengers. This IRIS vehicle is ideally suited as a long range, high speed GPR test vehicle, mobile GPR laboratory, GPR classroom or demonstration platform.


    The IRIS-ATV includes a portable IRIS installed on an all terrain vehicle. This IRIS vehicle is particularly useful for utility and buried waste site surveys, project level inspections of bridges and pavements and in remote locations where manual GPR inspections are difficult or impractical. The IRIS ATV includes a self contained power supply, DMI and can be outfitted with any IRIS antenna.

    IRIS ATV Vehicle