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PRI2100 FWD van-integrated

The van-integrated PRI 2100 FWD is the solution when the equipment is used daily or very frequently. It is well suited for measuring in towns and densely populated areas, areas with a heavy traffic load or in areas where safe, accurate and quick manoeuvre is required, such as airports and when measuring concrete plates. The van integrated FWD equipment may be driven at normal driving pace and the clear and good view from the van while testing offers optimum road safety.

The FWD unit is well protected in the van and leaves room for further equipment or even a small laboratory. Another possibility is to bring along the portable FWD, PRIma 100. The combination of the traditional FWD equipment and the PRIma 100 light FWD allows in-situ quality control in connection with rehabilitation of pavements or new constructions. The modular principle means that there is no need for investment in new equipment if the demands on the equipment change. All that is necessary to upgrade the equipment from a standard 7-150 kN FWD to a 7-250 kN Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) is to add more weights, a larger load cell and upgrade software.


The standard van-integrated FWD is supplied with personal computer, Windows FWD software, time history module, transport lock, DMI (Distance Meter Indicator) integrated in the software, three temperature sensors, four-split loading plate, 9 geophones and warning lights. Additional functions can easily be added such as video or marking equipment, GPS (Geographic Positioning System), which enables presentation of data in maps or general plans of site.

The RoSy DESIGN, a back-calculation software for both road and/or airport data analysis. However, files generated from the equipment can be applied in any other back-calculation program.

Giving great importance in supplying safe and stable equipment and the newest technology forms the basis of the FWD equipment. The PRI 2100 software incorporates alarms that are displayed on the computer screen. If the operator ignores vital warnings, certain functions cannot be performed with the FWD e.g. in connection with pavement temperature measuring. The equipment cannot be driven to another position with the loading plate down and strategically placed emergency switches allows the operator to stop the equipment at any time while operating manually.