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EN 12697-33


Large device EN roller compactor

CRT-RC � Roller compactors

The pneumatically powered CRT-RC was originally designed to provide a solution to the problem of making homogeneous laboratory specimens large enough to be used for wheel-tracking tests. It is used to compact to either a target mixture density or to provide a standard compactive effort to a range of different asphaltic paving materials.

Vibration is available as an option.


�Slabs can be from 50 to 100mm thick.
�Slabs can be 305*305mm or 305*405mm
� Vibrating roller
� Safety cage with three side complete vision
� Easy to maintain

The CRT-RC can be used for:

� Wheel tracking specimens
� Beams for fatigue and modulus tests
� Coring into specimens for use in modulus and permanent deformation tests.


Slabs can be from 50mm to 100mm thick and a range of moulds with appropriate depths is available. The equipment can apply loads of over 30kN to 305mm wide slabs which is equivalent to the heaviest full-scale site rollers in terms of load per unit roll width. A PLC provides the means of selecting the number of roller passes and level of compaction. The roller compactor is housed in a safety enclosure and will not operate if the access doors are opened.

The basic roller compactor compacts slabs measuring 305mm square but a machine (the CRT-RC2S) that can be configured to compact either 305mm square or 305mm x 405mm slabs is available. Beams for fatigue tests can be cut from the larger sized slabs. Roller compactors can be supplied for compacting other sizes including 500mm x 180mm.

A vibrating roller is an option on all machines. The frequency of vibration can be adjusted by the user to match the frequency of site compaction equipment.

NOTE: Specimens can be compacted in roller compactors and then wheel tracked in without demoulding.


* PLC driven


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