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Model TLC40

  This type of cooling circulator is mostly used for replacing tapwater used for cooling purposes in laboratory equipment or processes. The bath contence is 11 litres. The drain located at the back provides easy removal of the bath fluid. Low fluid level is detected electronically

Control mechanism
The used cooling system is ozone friendly, so it doesn't contain any CFK/HCFK gas

With the compressor running continuously, the fluid temperature is regulated through an electronic controlled heater.

The TLC40 offers following working range:
-45 to +20�C / -49 .. 68�F

The setpoint can be set in steps of 0,1�. The overall system accuracy is better than �0,1�K. Standard available in �C, on request in �F.

A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. The pressure of the pump is 300 mBar at 7,5 ltrs per minute.

The bath conforms CE regulation. It is further equiped with a mechanical adjustable and resettable safety thermostat.

Technical specifications:
Range -45�C..20�C (-49�F..68�F)
Reading Standard �C, �F on request
Used materials inside bath Stainless Steel 304, PTFE
Setting � [�K] 0,1
Stability* � [�K] Better than 0,1
Heating [W] 1500
Heaters 1
Bath volume [L] 9
Pump pressure [mm H2O] 300
Pump cap. L/min 7,5
Compressor Hp 1/3
Heat removal
[W] @10�C : 680
[W] @0�C : 560
[W] @-10�C : 480
[W] @-20�C : 380
[W] @-30�C : 265
[W] @-40�C : 170
Opening [mm] 290x200
Depht [mm] 150 x Length [mm] x 700 Width [mm] 450
Hight [mm] 750/700(no wheels) , Weight [Kg] 70
Power [W] 2420

All models conform CE regulation

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