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NFT 60115 - IP 143 - DIN 51595

This test method specifies a procedure for the determination of the heptane insoluble asphaltene content of gas oil, diesel fuel, fuel oils, lubricating bitumen and crude petroleum which has been topped to an oil temperature of 260C.

The titration of asphaltenes in petroleum products can be made according to NFT 60115 or IP 143 standard with N-heptane deposit.

This method takes a long time (from 6 to 8 hours) and seems difficult to be put in hand with chemicals issued from vis breaking and hydro-treating. Moreover, for contents of less than 0,5% weight, the determination is not possible. Above this limit, repeatability reaches 10 % and reproducibility 20 %.

To improve some features of this analysis, the ASPHAN 02 extractor ( semi-automatic apparatus) was created by the Research Center of ELF Solaize.

  • Improvement of asphaltene extraction
  • Decrease of the cost of analysis
  • Manipulation time reduced
  • No effluence of toxic solvent
    The analyser is composed of a glass lower boiler, a stainless steel set including filter holder, reflux distributor, an upper boiler and a condenser.

    A valve and obturator system allows to make various stages of the analysis: deposit, filtration, washing, dissolution, recovering of solvents.

    The complete set is mounted on a tripod holder allowing an easy dismantling, temperature controller, and heating mantle included.

    REF. 24472
    ASPHAN 02 semi-automatic extractor for stand-alone precipitation, filtration, washing, recycling, redissolution and evaporation processes of asphaltene.

    SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
    21364 500 ml low er boiler
    21365 1000 ml upper boiler w ith stopper
    21368 Condenser of the collector
    21369 500 ml solvent collecting f lask
    21372 Filter Mitex (box of 50)

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