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NFT 60115 - IP 143- DIN 51595

This method describes a procedure for the determination of the asphaltene content of gas oil, diesel fuel, fuel oils, lubricating oil, bitumen and of crude petroleum which has been topped to an oil temperature of 260�C.

Oils containing additives may give erroneous results.

  • Complete glassware
  • Heating mantle
  • Evaporation cup
  • Filter paper
    Complete glassware for asphaltenes precipitation test including a glassware set with conical flask, extractor and condenser, electric heating mantle 140 mm dia, 1500 W, 400�C maximum with thermostatic regulator, filter paper 100mm dia and evaporation cup

    REF. 10479
    Complete manual apparatus including extractor, condenser, evaporation cup, heating mantle and filter paper.

    14694 Evaporation cup
    15643 Filter paper - diameter 110 mm (pack of 100)
    23860 Electric heating mantle (1500 W)

    SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
    19364 Condenser
    23883 500 ml conical f lask CN24
    23884 Ref lux extractor CN24/34
    21918 500 ml conical f lask CN29
    21919 Ref lux extractor CN29/34

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