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 Schulze Breuer Equipment

Schulze-Breuer Test Machine

Test Method for determining aggregate, Filler Bitumen Compatibility (meets ISSA TB144 )

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This test method covers the determination of the relative compatiblity between aggregate filler of specific gradation and emulsified asphalt residue or bitumen.

The method provides a rating system or grading values for abrasion loss, adhesion and high temperature cohesion characteristics of a specified filler bitumen combination for comparison with test values of reference combinations. The test values may relate to the field performance of paving mixtures.

Schulze-Breuer aggregate , filler bitumen compatibility (ISSA TB144)
Tumbling Pill Abrasion Machine. includes 4 pairs(8) Tumbling Shuttle cylinders 115/230v60Hz (or 230v50Hz) Weight 387 Pounds (176kg) 41 x 30 x 27 inches (104 x 76 x 69cm)

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