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The AVSPro


ASTM D446 - ISO/DIS 3105 - DIN 51 562

The AVSPro is a new development used for automatic measurements of absolute and relative viscosity.

The automatic sampler operates according to the most precise method, in terms of physical chemistry, used to determine the viscosity of liquids - the capillary method.

Using this method, measurements with accuracy of more than 0.1% can be achieved. Due to the versatility provided by viscometer with optical and TC sensing systems, an extremely wide range of applications is now possible. This includes the measurements of clear liquids and opaque petroleum products.
The AVSPro automatic sampler has been developed primarily for viscosity measurements for applications in the polymer and petroleum industries. The main feature of the new automatic unit is the three-axis-positioning sample dosing system.

The new X-Y-Z positioning mechanism provides parallel operation of up to eight viscometers in two thermostatic baths at two different measuring temperatures. This method is used in the oil industry in order to determine the viscosity index.

The sample sequence according to which samples are filled into the viscometer is selectable. The dosing system operates without a valve and is therefore suitable for nearly any type of sample. The use of reliable control components commonly used in the industry guarantees safe use.

The AVSPro is equipped with opto-electronic and TC detection (TC= thermal conductivity method) of the meniscus passage in the capillary viscometer. The samples are positioned in the sample rack which is easily loaded using the motorized lifting mechanism.

The new AVSPro is easy to use and features visual sequencing on PC monitor of the sample being analyzed. The operator is guided by a menu-driven system which is displayed on a PC screen.

In addition, selectable status indicators for each measuring position are available.

Additional information on the operating status that can be changed on an individual basis in a special menu level. All standard type computing methods are available.

The AVSPro unit is built in accordance with international equipment safety standards: CE-symbol (equipment safety, low-voltage safety, emitted interference and interference immunity).

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