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ASTM D445, IP 71, ISO 3104, DIN 51366

  The bath is designed with rectangular housing, enclosed Pyrex jar 300 mm diameter by 450 mm high, electric immersion heater (200W), for eight standard capillary viscometers.

Electronic temperature controller with digital readout and setting, range 10 to 125C to the nearest 0.1C (operating range to be specified in order)

Low water cut-off device

Efficient stirring system externally adjustable to provide excellent temperature uniformity in bath (better than 0.01C)

Exclusive freely moving turntable bringing each of the eight viscometers in front of operator.

Cooling coil for operation around or below ambient temperature

REF. 941131
Constant temperature viscosity bath PRECISION (max. 120C) with glass jar of 30 liters, electronic digital temperature control and 8 places for common viscometers (support not included).

9411310 Suspension cover for Ubbelohde (screw )
9411313 Suspension cover for Cannon-Fenske (screw )

REFERENCE FLUID (on request)

9913539 Support for 6 viscometer tube
941129 Support base w ith illuminator for 941121/122
9411232 Cooling coil for 941121and 941122
9916419 Silicone oil up to 150C (5 l)
9916427 Mineral oil max 100C (5 l)
9921375 Electronic stopw atch

SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
9916419 Silicone oil up to 150C (5 l)
9916427 Mineral oil max 100C (5 l)
9921375 Electronic stopw atch
941132 Heating element for ref . 941131 (2000 W)
941435 Heating element (2000 W)
9417904 Pt 100 probe (160x5 mm)
9411302 Borosilicate glass jar(300 x 450 mm)
9411301 Borosilicate glass jar (300 x 300 mm)

The instrument complies with the European Directives regarding operator and Environment safeties and is therefore bearing the CE label.

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