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Cohesion Tester

Cohesion Tester

For Determining the rate of set and the rate of development of wet cohesive strength of cold mixes and of Slurry Seal mixes (ISSA TB-139 and ASTM D3910) (meets ISSA TB100 and ASTM D3910)

Slurry Seal Presentation PDF


This test method classifies emulsified asphalt/aggregate mixture systems by modified cohesion tester measurement of set and cure characteristics.

The equipment consists of a double acting, double end pneumatic cylinder fitted in a frame which houses the pressure gauge and valves. A hand torque wrench is also supplied. Compete with 6 and 10mm moulds, spare foot, calibration sand and paper, felt squares and miscelleneous supplies.

Weight : 50 Pounds 12 x 17 x 17 inches (30 x 43 x 43cms)

Removeable Frictionless turntable with torque wrench for mounting on the manual cohesion tester.
6 and 10mm moulds
Replacement rubber foot