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Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

ABEL FLASH POINT TESTER EN  ISO 13736 - NFT 66009 - NFM 07011 -  IP 33 - IP 170  - IP 113


IP 170 - NFT 66009 - DIN 51755

Closed cup flash point by the ABEL apparatus for products and liquid petroleum mixtures which flash point is between -30�C and +70�C.

Closed cup flash point of cut-back bitumens by means of the modified ABEL tester and for flash points below or equal to 110�C.

  • Tester with water bath or air bath
  • Equipped with a cover and a manual stirrer
  • For IP 33 and IP 170 standards, supplied with a carrying case
  • Thermometer with collar for bath
  • REF. 941601
    Manual apparatus Abel model NAB 110, with electric heater and gas test jet.

    941143 Energy regulator

    SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
    941604 Cup
    9416041 Lid shutter and stirrer w ith gas test jet
    9921227 IP thermometer 74C w ith collar
    9921228 IP thermometer 75C w ith collar
    9921229 IP thermometer 2C

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