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IP 170 - NFT 66009 - DIN 51755

Strictly in accordance with the above mentioned standards the NAB 440 benefits from the latest technology improvements. For instance, the testing process can be supervised at distance thanks to a large graphic display. The instrument can be also secured with a connection to a C02 gas cartridge.

Aside the method required by standards, a quick search method is available in order to find out the flash point of unknown sample. the dual detection system- thermal and ionization - allows to test all type of products.

The NAB 440 is provided with flame and fire detectors as well as an automatic gas cut-off at the end of the test process.

Changing the safety device parameters, calibrating through keyboard, modifying language and units, performing maintenance have become easy thanks to the new user - friendly software which also memorizes the previous 100 test results.

The instrument can be connected to an external cryothermostate. During the test the system automatically operates solenoid valves in order regulate the cooling medium. The heating block is rapidly cooled down at the end of it.

The stirrer speed is automatically displayed and the temperature curve can be printed out.

The NAB 440 has been designed in order to operate between - 30 �C and +110�C.

The NAB 440 is delivered with ticket printer and software

The C.E labelled automatic Tester is piloted by microprocessor or PC, with digital display on tight keyboard, 4 pre-set plus programmable methods ( search, quick start), automatic/manual barometer correction, quick refrigerant re cooling, enhanced temperature range -30 to 110�C, pres-set and programmable safety cuts-out, pre-calibrated and calibrated PT100 probe and pressure sensor by software, memory of latest data and lithium battery.

REF. 41300
Automatic Abel Tester model NAB 440 equipped with very large display and printer, it is designed to operate from -30 to +110 �C and can be connected to a cryostate for test under 40�C. User-friendly software allows full configuration and recording of 100 test results.

9923203 Cryostat TLC 30 - 5 liters (-30/+60�C �.1)
9923204 Cryostat TLC 40 - 11 liters (-45/+20�C �.05)

SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
41301 Abel cup
41303 Abel cover
41306 Stirrer f lexible
41309 Detection cable
41310 Pt 100 probe
40390 Printer paper Seyko DPU 414 (roll)

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