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Crack Detection Microscope

Crack Detection Microscope

Specifically Designed for measuring cracks in concrete


The Crack Detection microscope is a high quality product designed for measuring crack widths, both in concrete and other materials. British made, the high definition microscope is connected to an adjustable light source which provides a well - illuminated image under all working conditions.

The image is focused by turning the knob at the side of the microscope and the eye - piece graticule can be rotated through 360� to align with the direction of the crack under examination.

The 4mm range of measurement has a lower scale divided into 0.2mm divisions. These 0.2mm divisions are sub - divided into 0.02mm divisions.

Current Codes of practice, state that calculated maximum crack widths should not exceed certain values:
e.g. 0.3mm in BS 8110 : Part 2 for most types of environment. This value is 15 divisions on the graticule.

The Crack Detection microscope is very easy to use and comes with simple instructions in a wooden carrying box.


Magnification = x 35
Measuring Range = 4 mm
Divisions = 0.02mm
Weight including battery and box = 560gr
Dimensions of box = 150 x 100 50mm deep