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30000-0 flash Tester 'Series 3' Closed Cup Tester

ASTM D3278; ASTM D3828-IP303; ISO3679; EN456; ISO3680;
BS3900 Part A13; UN Class 3 Non-viscous flammable liquids

Small scale flash point testers are universally specified in many international regulations to define and classify flammable and combustible substances. They provide the most precise and fastest means of carrying out flash points on a definitive or 'flash' - 'no flash' basis both in the laboratory and in the field. A 2 ml sample and 1 minute test time for low temperature tests makes these instruments ideally suited for many applications. Petrochemicals, Biodiesel (FAME), adhesives, foods, flavours, cosmetics, paints/varnishes, waste, pharmaceuticals, polishes, and aerosols are just some of the products routinely tested. Fully meeting the requirements of Rapid Equilibrium methods ISO 3679/3680, The Flash Testers are the only small scale instruments with flash detection. The Flash tester is specified by ASTM for testing aviation turbine fuels (D1655), Diesel (D975), Fuel Oil (D396), Gas Turbine Fuel (D2880), and Kerosine (D3699) and is also the only instrument recommended for testing waterborne paints.

Combining the latest design standards with the highly successful Tester, the new Series 3 offers the fastest and most accurate flash point instrument at a cost effective price.

A range of unparalleled features ensures ease of operation and requires a minimum of operator skill. Test parameters are set via the key pad and a digital display provides temperature, sample size, test time, and flash detection status.

Default 'auto' values are available for standard test conditions.An extended operating temperature range allows tests from 0� to 300�C. Temperature is factory calibrated but facilities for user verification and calibration are incorporated. Flash point is automatically detected using a thermally activated detector, reducing the risk of operator error and minimising the potential danger of inhaling fumes during a test. A rechargeable gas tank with on/off switch and fine adjustment are integral to the unit. Supplied with a 2ml syringe and ignitor.

ASTM D3278; ASTM D3828-IP303; ISO3679; EN456; ISO3680; BS3900 Part A13; UN Class 3 Non-viscous flammable liquids

Voltage : 115/220V (switchable) or 12V using optional power supply
Temperature Range : Ambient to 300�C (sub ambient using 13870-0)
Sample Size : 2ml for flash points up to 100�C4ml for flash points between 100� to 300�C
Test Time : 1 to 99 minutes
Default Values : 1 minute for flash points up to 100�C2 minutes for flash points
between 100� to 300�C
Cup Material : Aluminium
Size (HxWxD) : 25.6 x 28 x 25.6cm
Weight : 4 kg

Automatic flash detectionIntegral gas tankDigital displayTemp range: ambient to 300�C (sub ambient using optional accessory)Small sample size: 2ml (up to 100�C flash point); 4ml (100� to 300�C)Rapid result: 1 min (up to 100�C flash point); 2 min (100� to 300�C)