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ASTM D5133


This test method determines the temperature at which an oil can become unsuitable for lubrication of an engine because of insufficient flow of the bulk oil in the sump to the oil screen.
The rate of lubricant flow in the engine sump is relatively slow, and the applied viscosimetric technique is maintained at a similarly low shear rate 1.7 s-1 and shear stress up to 70 Pa.


  • Model SB-22 - 2 baths - 2 units per bath
  • Model SB-12 - 1 bath - 2 units per bath
  • Model SB-14 - 1 baths - 4 units per bath
  • Model SB-18 - 1 baths - 8 units per bath

    The SB-12, 14 and 18 pre-set baths are respectively equipped with a 2, 4 and 8 unit bath. The SB12V model is equipped with a viewing window and allows other standards of cooling viscosity. The SB22 Tester is supplied with 2 baths with independent temperature controller ( 2 units per bath), working temperature down to -65�C