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Rolling Thin Film Oven


Rolling Thin Film Oven

ASTM D2872

This test method covers the determination of the effect of heat and air on a film of semi solid asphaltic materials. The effects of this treatment are determined from measurements of selected asphalt properties before and after the test.

  • Double wall ventilated oven
  • Electronic controller
  • Flowmeter to control airflow
  • Digital display
    Double wall convection oven with following inner dimensions: 381mm high, 483mm wide, 450mm deep, excluding plenum.

    The door contains a viewing window made of two sheets of resistant glass separated by an air layer.
    The oven is vented at top and bottom. symmetric bottom vents have 15cm2 open area while symmetric top vents have 9.5cm2 open area.

    This oven has an air plenum as described in ASTM D2872 specification. It is also provided with squirrel type fan for better uniformity.

    The control board includes electronic temperature regulator with digital display and setting at 163�C � 0.5� and a factory calibrated flowmeter for adjusting air flow at 4000 ml/min.

    The oven has built in 305 mm diameter vertical circulator carriage to hold 8 glass sample containers rotating at 15 � 0.2 rpm.

    It is equipped with air jet for blowing heated air into each bottle at its lowest point of travel.

    Outlet orifice having 1 mm diameter is connected to 7.6 m length copper tubing to heat up air. The apparatus is supplied with 8 glass containers and one thermometer ASTM 13C.

    Over temperature protection

    The instrument complies with the European Directives regarding operator and Environment safeties and is therefore bearing the CE label.

    REF. 941877
    Double wall illuminated oven with glass window, 8 places revolving vertical shelf, 8 glass containers, thermometer and instruction manual.

    SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
    9418771 Standardized glass container
    998762 Bulb 230V/15W
    9911500 ASTM thermometer 13C
    9418779 Heating element (500 W)