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Rockwell B and C, Vickers, Brinell, Shore and HL



Is an advanced hand-held hardness tester distinguished by its high accuracy, wide measuring range, and simplicity of operation. It is suitable for testing the hardness of all metals, and can be applied in many areas of industry.

Measuring method

The measuring principle is defined as the quotient of the impact body's rebound velocity over its impact velocity. An impact body with a spherical test tip made of Tungsten Carbide is propelled against the test-piece surface by the force of a spring and then rebounds back. A permanent magnet is contained within the impact body, when this passes through the coil in its coil holder, it induces a voltage proportional to the velocity of the impact body.

Typical Applications

  • In-situ testing of individual parts, or components in assembled machines
  • Mould surface of a die
  • Heavy components e.g. rolls for rolling mills, etc.
  • Quick analysis of pressure vessels, turbo-generator sets, etc.
  • Testing in a production line e.g. crank-shafts, cylinder blocks, etc.
  • Material identification
  • Functions available

  • Display test results in all various hardness scales (HRB, HRC, HB, HV, HSD, HL)
  • Test at any angle, even up-side-down
  • Conversion to Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Immediate conversion between hardness scales, and print-out if desired
  • Input and print-out of test number and date
  • Input and print-out of material type, and test direction
  • Print-out of test results via integral printer if needed
  • Battery low indication
  • Protective carrying case complete with test block, support ring, cleaning brush, and battery charger

  • Technical specification

  • Overall dimensions:

  • 270 x 86 x 47mm

  • Total weight:

  • 650gr (including impact device and printer)

  • Operating temperature:

  • Electronics: -10 to +45 �C Impact device: -20 to +120 �C

  • Tolerance:

  • +0.8%

  • Hardness measuring range:

  • (With universal impact device D) HRC 20-68; HRB 13-100; HB 30-650; HV 80-980; HSD 32-100; HL 200-900. For detailed information on all impact devices D/DC/D+1 15/G/C/E: see additional leaflet

  • U.T.S. Measuring range:

  • 0b from 370 to 2000 [106 N/M2]