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RetroSign Retroreflectometer

"RetroSign Retroreflectometer "

Vertical Retroreflectometer


On site quality control of road signs and retroreflective materials

  • Measures correctly all types and colours of retroreflective materials
  • Accuracy comparable to laboratory measurements
  • Geometry meets DIN, ASTM and CIE specifications
  • Stray light compensated
  • Large dynamic range (0-2000 cd/lxm²)
  • Portable selfcontained construction (no separate battery pack)
  • Low weight and ergonomic design
  • Direct digital read out of the coefficient of retroreflection R'
  • Data storage in internal memory
  • RS 232 serial interface for data output, extended control, calibration and diagnostics
  • Long battery life. More than 1000 measurements typical
  • Carrying case, including calibration standard

The RetroSign retroreflectometer is a hand held instrument capable to measure accurately and reliably the retroreflection properties of road signs and retroreflective materials.

The RetroSign measures the retroreflection (with direct read out of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance in cd/lxm²) according to international standards.

The use of a proprietary gradient index filter technology and the patent pending optical system design ensures accuracy comparable to laboratory measurements for all types and colours of retroreflective materials. Only one white calibration standard is needed.

Data storage in internal memory provides for registration of measurement results and corresponding supplementary data. Serial interface RS232 is included for extended control, calibration and data output.

The RetroSign is powered by a rechargeable battery pack with a capacity corresponding to typical more than 1000 measurements. A mains powered battery charger is supplied as standard accessory.


RetroSign Type 4000:
GeometryDIN 67520
Illumination angle+5�
Observation angle0.33�
Light source- and receptor angular aperture0.16�
RetroSign Type 4500:
Illumination angle-4�
Observation angle0.2�
Light source- and receptor angular aperture0.1�
Field of measurementø 30mm
Light sourceCIE illuminant type A
Receptor sensitivityCIE S002
Receptor accuracy(CIE publication no. 69)f1 ' < 5%
Min./max. reading0 / typ.2000 cd/lx�m�
Electrical characteristics:
EMCEN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1
Power supply:Battery-replaceable NiCd 9.6V/1.2 Ah
Approx. 1000 measurements
External chargerMains voltage 230 VAC
(Optional: 110V/60Hz)
Charge timeApprox. 15 minutes
Data memoryMin. 1000 measurements
Data retentionTyp. 5 years
InterfaceRS 232 (9600,N,8,1)
Environmental Specifications:
Temperature:0�C to + 45�C /32�F to 113�F
HumidityNon - condensing
Mechanical characteristics:
Length295 mm / 11.6"
Width83 mm / 3.3"
Height324 mm / 12.8"
Weight2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs
Gross weightApprox. 6 kg / 13.2 lbs