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ASTM C 110


Completed the redesign of the Emley Plasticimeter. It conforms in all respect to ASTM C 110. Now plasticity of lime putty can be readily determined using the procedure outlined in ASTM C 110 sections 14, 15 and 16.

The new plasticimeter has a protective cover over the motor and electrical components. All components are steel or hard anodized aluminum alloy.

The motor operates at constant speed giving 1 revolution of the shaft in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Specifications conform exactly to ASTM requirements assuring equivalent results.

Motor and electrical components are covered by a metal guard. Main shaft is set up so that torque can be easily checked with torque wrench to assure calibration.

Plasticimeter is supplied complete as described and pictured. A hard rubber ring mold and 12 dispensable plaster base plates are included. Plates also conform to C 110. A torque wrench is not included but can be provided.

Standard electrical requirements are 115/60/1. For 230/50/1, specify CE370-3

Shipping weight 68kg


The plasticimeter plate is made from plaster and conforms to C110 . These are sold in minimum quantities of 25. One plate is needed for each test

Shipping weight 11kg