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ASTM PS36 | AASHTO PP1 | EN 14769 | ASTM D6521 | AASHTO M320 | AASHTO R26

The Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV) has been developed to simulate in-service aging of asphalt binder after 5 to 10 years. The binder is exposed to high pressure and temperature for 20 hours to simulate the effect of long term oxidative aging.
The apparatus consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel with encased band heaters and integral pressure and temperature controls.  A platinum RTD measures internal test temperature to ±0.1°C. Selectable test temperatures (standard 90/100/110°C) are controlled to ±0.2°C. Pressure is monitored by transducer and controlled to 2.1 ± 0.1 MPa. Temperature and pressure digital indicators display both set points and actual values.
Temperature and pressure calibration can be site executed. An excess pressure relief valve and a temperature high limit are standard safety features. Data logging of both temperature and pressure and PC transfer of data at the end of the test.  Bottled compressed air with regulator must be user provided. Supplied complete with 10 stainless AASHTO/ASTM T179 thin film oven test pans, precision assembled rack to support the pans power card, operator’s manual, spare “O” ring gasket and serial data cable.
To recover the sample after the Pressure Aging (PAV) test, to make it suitable for any following test (e.g. penetration, softening point etc.), the 81-PV0260/1 can be used. See accessories.