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MULTIFLASH Automatic PMCC, Abel, Tag, Cleveland & Setaflash Flash Point Tester



ASTM D93; IP 34; IP 404; ASTM E502; BS 2000 Part 34 and 404; ISO 2719; EN 22719; JIS K2265;

NF M07-019; DIN 51758; FTMS 791b 1102; EPA 1010

  • Highly automated
  • Unrivalled versatility and ease of use
  • Exactly conforms to the requirement of test method
  • Gas or electric ignition
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Reliable operation and low maintenance
  • Advanced features
  • Setalert compatible
  • Universal intelligent base unit
  • The Multiflash-PM fully automates and conforms precisely to national and international Pensky- Martens Closed Cup standard test methods.

    The instrument consists of a 34000-0 MultiFlash Universal Base Unit and a 34100-0 Pensky-Martens Closed Cup module, one of a range of interchangeable flash point tester modules.

    SUPPLIED WITH: mains lead and instruction manual

    34100-0 Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Module The module comprises a heated cup and lid, and a DIPS pod (Dipping, Ignition, Pilot, Stirrer) containing a mechanism for dipping the ignitor into the sample, a combined gas and electric ignitor, an electric pilot for the ignitor, and a stirrer.

    34000-0 Multiflash Universal Base Unit

    The intelligent base unit is pre-programmed to recognise which module type is fitted, and automatically sets up the relevant test parameters and calibration data. Fitting or removal of a module is simple and completed in a few minutes.