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LTL2000 Retrometer


On site quality control of road markings & road surfaces in agreement with CEN specifications

  • Plane & profiled markings
  • Dry & wet surfaces
  • Measurements in full daylight
  • Stray light compensation
  • Measurement geometry corresponding to realistic viewing conditions in night time traffic in agreement with the prEN 1436 "Horizontal Signalization" draft standard
  • Portable, self-contained instrument with reflection standard for on site calibration
  • Direct digital read- out of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance, RL
  • Built-in printer
  • Data storage in internal non-volatile memory
  • RS 232 serial interface for data output, extended control, calibration and diagnostics
  • Carrying case, including calibration standard
  • The LTL2000 Retrometer is a self-contained, portable instrument with built - in facilities, capable to measure accurately and reliably retroreflection properties of road surfaces and road markings (dry and wet) including those with profiled and/or textured surfaces.

    The LTL2000 Retrometer measures the retroreflection (with direct read-out of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance in mcd-m-2 .lx-1) at a simulated distance of 30m, a distance large enough to be relevant for practical driving conditions at night.

    Built-in printer and non-volatile memory provide registration of measurement results and corresponding supplementary data.

    Serial interface RS232 is included for extended control, calibration, and data output.

    The LTL2000 Retrometer is powered by a rechargeable battery with a capacity corresponding to approx. 1000 measurements .

    A mains powered battery charger is supplied as a standard accessory.



    Specifications in agreement with prEN 1436 draft:

    Field of measurement:

    Width 45 mm

    Min. length 200 mm

    Illumination angle to the road. 1.24�

    Observation angle to the road 2.29�

    Illumination angular spread horizontal 0.33�

    Vertical 0.17�

    Observation angular spread �0.17�

    Equivalent observation distance 30m

    Min. reading ( mcd-m-2 .lx-1) 0

    Max. reading ( mcd-m-2 .lx-1) 2000

    Instrument dimensions:

    Max. length 72cm

    Max. width 21 cm

    Max. height 47 cm

    Weight 12 kg

    Gross weight 22 kg

    Power supply: Internal 12V, 3.5Ah sealed lead-acid battery external charger

    Memory capacity: min. 1000 measurements

    Serial communications: 9600, N, 8, 1 Interface: RS232



    Carrying case

    Base frame

    Reflection standard- calibrated

    Working reflection standard

    Battery charger


    Calibration certificate

    Calibration service