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ASTM D6 - IP 45 - NFT 66011

Loss on heating of oil and asphaltic compounds is the rate (expressed in %) between sample loss of mass and its initial mass.

This method determines loss on heating of oil and asphaltic compounds (exclusive of water) when they are weighed, heated at 163�C for 5 hours in a ventilated oven and weighed again to determine their loss of mass.

The thermocouple active as temperature sensor for the electronic controller of the oven is fixed on the rotating shelf and moving with it. It does the react as the ASTM 13c control thermometer also attached in the standard.

The result is a perfect temperature control of the samples containers laid on the shelf and a higher reproducibility between tests.

  • Double wall oven with glass window
  • Digital display of temperature
  • 9-place revolving shelf
  • Electronic regulation of temperature
    The oven is constructed following ASTM E-145 type 1, grade B specifications including stainless steel double walls, glass fibre insulated, with viewing window consisting of two sheets of heat resistant glass separated by an air layer.

    Vents at top and opening at the bottom provide the required ventilation.

    It is equipped with a revolving aluminium shelf, 250 mm diameter, driven by powerful motor at a adjustable speed of 5 to 6 rpm.

    Upper panel shows electronic temperature controller with digital display and setting.

    The whole is protected with separate overtemperature cut-off connected to the circuit breaker. The apparatus comes complete with a set of aluminium sample containers and ASTM 13C thermometer.

    Double-wall oven with glass window, walls of working chamber are made of stainless steel, internal working space 600x480x400mm, forced convection, 9-place revolving shelf 5 to 6 rpm, 9-sample containers, digital display and setting

    REF. 941875
    Strictly conform to ASTM requirements because of exclusive thermocouple sensor installed on the rotating shelf with the control thermometer, this is a double wall illuminated oven with glass window, 9 place revolving shelf, 9 aluminium containers, thermometer and instruction manual.

    9418172 Sample container brass nickel plated

    SPARE PARTS (2 years basis)
    998762 Bulb 230V/15W
    9911500 ASTM thermometer 13C
    998171 Sample container one use 55x35 mm (pack of 10)

    The instrument complies with the European Directives regarding operator and Environment safeties and is therefore bearing the CE label.