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The Tri-Scan 50 system is a state of the art automated testing machine specifically designed for the soils testing laboratory

This is an advanced system with built in four channel stand alone datalogger for acquiring data from the load, strain, pore pressure and volume change transducers.

The data collection can be automated by setting trigger conditions for start and stop logging. Test can be terminated automatically at a pre-set channel condition.

It has infinitely variable speed range between 0.00001 and 10.000 mm/min. Thus allowing CU/CD Triaxial, unconfined, and CBR testing to be carried out.


The Tri-Plus 50 triaxial load frame with standard features which include. Microprocessor based design, LCD display of set speed. Speed range of 0 - 9.99999 mm/min. which has the same build quality as the SL510.


Microprocessor Based Design

Large graphics display (240 x 60 Pixels) with 20 key membrane keypad.

Triaxial testing (up to 50kN, strain rate of 0 - 10.0000 mm/min.

CBR testing (up to 50kN, strain rate of 1mm/min for B.S. and 1.27 mm/min for ASTM)

Up to 250 readings per channel with time stamp.

Logging Modes includes:

  • Linear, configurable from 1 second to HH:MM:SS.
  • Logarithmic times
  • Square root times

Automatic start and stop of both the machine and the logging

  • Delay, configurable from 0 seconds to HH:MM:SS
  • Greater than reference channel value. Which allows a channel to start logging when another channel is greater than a particular value, which has been set by the operator.
  • Stop logging after a number of readings. This can be entered by the operator.
  • View logged data at anytime during the test.

  • Password protected configuration and calibration.

  • Non-volatile storage of calibration data.

  • Battery backed storage of logged data.

  • Battery backed real time clock.

  • Transducer excitation supply of �5 volts DC.

  • RS232 serial interface for computer or printer connection.

  • Optional software for control of the Tri-Scan 50 in Windows TM

    Optional software for:

  • Triaxial tests (saturation, consolidation and shear)
  • Live graphs and calculated data tabulation.

  • Permeability tests with live graphics and printouts
  • Complies with BS1377:1990
  • CE Marked. Conforms to all the latest EUROPEAN standards for emission control.

    240/110 volts AC operation.


    Dimensions 153 cm high, 47cm wide,48 cm deep

    Rated power 500 W

    Platen speed 0 - 10.000 mm/min

    Weight 110 kg