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TITROLINE ALPHA ASTM D1744 - ASTM D4377 - NFT 60154 - ISO 6296


ASTM D3242 (TAN/TBN with the same main titrator
ASTM D1744 - ASTM D4377 - NFT 60154 - ISO 6296

TITROLINE can be combined with various accessories and supplies to perform many titrations, from end-point titrations such as:

The determination of the total acid in beverages and wines, acid/base determination in aqueous solutions p and m value, up to highly complex, non-aqueous titrations such as the determination of the total acid and base number in non-aqueous solutions (oils, TAN/TBN, ASTM D4739, D3242, D974, acid number in polymers, halogenised solvents, aromatics, etc.), redox titrations (iodometry, manganometry, chromatometry and CSB determinations), other mV titrations (choride, halogenides next to each other), titrations using ion-sensitive electrodes (calcium, fluoride, copper, lead ions), water determinations according to KARL FISCHER, bromine number in oils, pH-stat titrations (for use in biochemistry or on soil samples), indices such as OH number, iodine number or saponification numbers, etc. 50 methods can be stored in memory.

In automatic titration of very low acid or base concentrations, the reagent addition is performed automatically and more accurately with small linear steps (0,01 ml) using the motor-driven piston burette of the titrator (5 or 10 ml volume for 1 gram sample only).