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ASTM D445 - ISO 3104 - IP 71 - BS 2000 - DIN 51550


This test method allows to determine a fast viscosity with only 4 or 5 drops of product. Two manual versions are available (100�C or 150�C) with 4 measuring units. An automatic instrument is also available. It is equipped with two independent baths with 6 tubes, each one for viscosity measure up to 150�C, and with automatic sensors. A software under Windows environment allows to register and print the results, and also calculates viscosity index.


  • Houillon manual viscometer bath 100�C
  • Houillon manual viscometer bath 150�C
  • Houillon automatic viscometer bath, 2 units, 150�C for clear and opaque liquids

    4-place tester composed of a borosilicate glass container (5 litres) fitted on a chromium steel frame, 100�C or 150�C immersion thermostat with stirring device, receiving tank, viscometer tubes fixed by stuffing boxes, supplied without tubes.

    6-place tester equipped with 2 independent baths, each one with 6 tubes, the Duplex tubes being equipped with 2 capilaries calibrated in series allowing to carry out 2 measures per sample.