Compression Frame Stability Tester (Footemeter)


Compression Frame Stability Tester


Originally designed at the BCA, strain cylinders evaluate the performance of compression load frames used for testing concrete cubes ( using the Foote Meter) and cement mortar cubes (using the Mini Strain Cylinder).

The equipment comprises a steel strain cylinder of appropriate capacity fitted with four balanced strain gauge bridges. Each bridge is central at one of the ends of a pair of orthogonal diameters and is designed to be monitored by a separate panel meter.

Digital recording meter for strain cylinders
The digital recording meter is designed for use with both the Maxi and the Mini Strain Cylinder. Four LCD meters monitor the strain gauge bridges on the strain cylinder. An illuminated push switch is provided to 'freeze' the display when the desired load is applied to the strain cylinder.

Software is provided for analysing the data obtained during the test.
This is in the form of :
a) a 3.5inch Disk for IBM compatible PCs
b) a RAMPACK for a PSION Organiser.
Both software packages calculate the required strain ratios.

Recording meter - four LCD panel meters with freeze facility, calibration facility and zero adjustment.

220 / 240 v 50 Hz
110 v 50 Hz

Length : Maxi = 200 mm and Min = 20 mm
Diameter : Maxi = 100 mm and Min = 10 mm
Offset from centre : Maxi = 6mm and Min = 2 mm
Load capacity : Maxi = 2000 kN and Min = 80 kN

Data Recording Facility

The digital recording meter is also available with an inbuilt data logger, which stores all the readings for subsequent down loading to ~an IBM compatible PC. Software is supplied which transfers the data using the RS232 serial port. This data is then analysed using the software detailed above .