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A Portable Hygrometer For Rapid Moisture Checks
Or Continuous Use On Flowing Gas Or Air

The only dewpoint meter are ready for instant moisture checks down to one part per million of water vapour in flowing dry air or gas.

This robust and easy to use hygrometer has high capacitance sensor for rapid moisture checks or continuous use on flowing air or gas. With a five second user check, the sensors have a fine gold permeable filter. The large clear moving coil meter dial is accurately marked with dewpoint temperature and parts per million of moisture. Flow rate makes no difference to the dial readings.

Simple to use - the head (test chamber) is filled with very dry molecular sieve desiccant and can be extended by blocking the outlet with a finger for a moment when air flow is present. Just read the dial. Press down the head to pre-dry the space for the next test and switch off.

Intrinsic safety certificate is standard. After your dewpoint meter has passed our three weeks of careful laboratory checks which are of course traceable to the National Physical Laboratory and our quality control to ISO 9002, new seven year batteries are fitted and the dewpoint meter is ready for dispatch and your immediate use.


  • Accurately calibrated and ready for use
  • Measures moisture in air or gas samples with positive pressure
  • A guaranteed accuracy better than one p.p.m. moisture in dry air
  • Intrinsically safe as standard
  • Reads dewpoint temperature and p.p.m. moisture in air or gas
  • Guaranteed the quickest way to check readings of moisture in dry gas
  • 5 second user accuracy check in room air
  • Automatic dry down and calibration
  • Comes Complete With:

  • Quality carry case
  • Connecting P.T.F.E. piping
  • Calculator to give equivalent moisture in degrees Fahrenheit, lbs of water per million cubic feet, water vapour pressure (mm Hg), Milligramme per litre, Dewpoint at high pressure and also in Pounds per square inch.
  • 'C' type 7-year alkaline batteries

  • Stove enamelled zinc plated steel
  • 202mm wide, 225mm deep, 276mm high
  • With head extended 320mm, weight app. 5kgs
  • Sensor life 20 years
  • Has a high quality padded carry case, Auto calibration small screwdriver, Allen key for security plate over battery compartment, two metre length of PTFE (teflon) flexible sample pipe, slide rule circular indicator for Fahrenheit
  • Two years sensor guarantee

  • Water Vapour Content of Gaseous Fuels by Measurement of Dew-Point Temperature