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ASTM D2276- IP216; D3830(Obs); FTMS 791b 3008

Modern aircraft fuel systems demand a fuel free from water, dirt and foreign contaminants, and to achieve this, multi stage filtration systems are employed at terminal, airports, and fuelling vehicles.

Filtration performance is routinely monitored and field tests such as ASTM D2276 are regularly performed at various stages in the distribution system.

The SSAFCON SAMPLER was developed in collaboration with a major oil company for portable line sampling to determine particulate contamination and colour ratings of aviation turbine fuel.

A permanently installed sampling point (mounting tray) is usually plumbed in line down-stream of the filtration system at either a designated static test site, hydrant dispenser or airport fuelling vehicle.

The Sampler is plugged into the mounting tray using self sealing, quick release connectors to provide a leak free flow of sample.

The outflow from the mounting tray can be connected to a dump tank.

A monitor case and membrane filter are housed in a special cell and a bypass valve is used to direct fuel through the filter.

An integral volume meter and pressure valve are used to control flow rate and monitor the volume of fuel passed through the filter.

After each test the sampler is quickly and easily removed by disengaging the connectors, and the filter taken for gravimetric or colorimetric analysis.

SSAFCON provides a self contained and safer alternative to traditional hose end sampling, eliminating trailing tubes and minimizing operator exposure to fuel in the airport service area.

  • size (HxWxD): 10 x 20 x 40cm
  • Weight: 6kg