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  The Concrete Core Sample Grinder

The Concrete Core Sample Grinder

One method of determining the properties of the hardened concrete in a structure, is to remove test cores using a suitable diamond corer.

These cores are then tested for mechanical strength or for chemical composition.

To obtain samples for chemical testing, the cores can be placed in the Concrete Core Sample Grinder, and then ground back in successive layers, the grinding dust being collected for subsequent chemical analysis.

The machine consists of a radial arm grinding head, which pivots about a horizontal axis, mounted on a solid steel support frame. The grinding head is fitted with a 110mm diameter diamond impregnated cutting wheel which rotates about a horizontal axis.

A hand operated counter balanced lever moves the grinding head easily downward in a vertical plane, cutting the face of the core as it does so.

The concrete specimen is mounted horizontally in vee blocks carried on a two way slide system. By advancing the horizontal slide, successive layers can be ground back from the face of the core.

An electronic depth gauge is used to indicate the current position of the grinding head relative to the outer face of the core.

The grinding head is fitted with a vacuum operated dust extractor allowing the grindings to be collected in a sample holder for subsequent chemical analysis. A separate vacuum cleaner with suitable attachments is provided as part of the system.


Grinding head

  • cutting wheel diameter 110mm
  • cutting wheel speed 10000rpm
  • Max. depth of cut 2mm
  • operating voltage 110v 50Hz


  • 550mm wide x 500mm deep x 580mm high
  • footprint on worktop 230mm x 380mm
  • approximate weight 50kg

    Vacuum cleaner

  • 9 litre capacity pick up tank cleaner
  • operating voltage 110v 50Hz
  • power 1000W
  • weight 6kg