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SAMPLING BOTTLES ASTM D4057 - ISO 3170 NFM 07001 - DIN 51750 - IP 51


ASTM D4057 - ISO 3170- NFM 07001 - DIN 51750 - IP 51

Sampling method of petroleum products. These standards cover procedures for obtaining representative samples of stocks or shipments of uniform petroleum products, except electrical insulating oils and fluid power hydraulic fluids. These methods do not cover butane, propane, gas liquids at or above 26 Psi (179 Kpa) Reid vapour pressure and other petroleum products that are gases at atmospheric temperature and pressure.

  • Copper sampling bottle
  • Brass weighted
  • Sampler
  • Various lengths of chains
    Various types of sampling are possible. it depends on the nature of sampled products. The precautions required to ensure the representative character of the samples are numerous and depend on type of material being sampled, the tank, the carrier, the container or the line from which the sample is being obtained, the type and cleanliness of the sample container and the sampling procedure that is to be used.

    Brass weighted bottle, neck 19mm.

    Brass weighted bottle, neck 38mm

    Sampling thief, bomb type (1 liter) diameter 80 mm.

    9919035 Chain nickel-plated brass 5 m length
    9919036 Chain nickel-plated brass 10 m length
    9919037 Chain nickel-plated brass 15 m length
    9919039 Nylon cable 50 m length